Ana who???

Ana who. That’s right! Ana fucking who. I’m winning. I’m beating this. I’m determined. I’ve stuck to my meal plan. I’ve eaten when I’m hungry. I’ve eaten what I wanted and fancied instead of what ana wants. And I’m winning. 

Yes I’m terrified of Friday and my weigh in and review. But I’m doing this. Yes I’m terrified of going up a clothes size but I know I need to. Yes I’m terrified my thigh gap will disappear and my stomach will bulge out. But I’m battling this and I’m winning. 

Ana was strong today. So strong. She called me fat. Called me obese. Called me ugly. A fraud. A pathetic excuse of a human being. But I ignored her. I ploughed on. I ate. I cooked. And I ate again. I’m winning this. I will beat her. I will defeat her. I will and I can. . 

8 thoughts on “Ana who???

  1. Awesome, Glad you are winning. Wish i could come and cook with you and help out. Hope you have a good day and that your weigh in on Friday goes well. You can call me if you want, i’d love to have someone to talk to. Take care anyway.

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  2. good job! I’m proud . If you want, we can find a way to talk. I’d love to help if you need it and the extra support! <3<3<3<3<3


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