28/9/19 the day life changed forever

I haven’t blogged for ages but I feel a little update is needed. My girl. My princess, is here. 💖

It’s weird. I kind of miss my bump. And being pregnant. When I was pregnant I just thought I looked massive but now I look back and miss my bump BUT now I have my Isabelle and she is my world. I will do everything possible to give her the best life and will never hurt her or let her down. She is my everything. I can’t stop staring at her. I’ve never felt love like this. My heart sinks if she cries and I stare at her just to check she’s breathing. She’s totally completed my life. Ever since I can remember I’ve always wanted my own family. And I’d always wanted a little princess and now I have her and she is perfect. I miss the day she was born I miss the first cuddle, the first time I kissed her, the first time I touched her. I miss it all. It’s going so quick. It’s only day 5 but her birth day seems like a life time ago. A day I will never ever forget though. The day my life changed forever. For the better. I couldn’t have done it without my amazing man though. Words can not describe how brilliant he was how amazing he is. If I could rewind to 08:54 on the 28/9/19 I would. But we have so much to look forward to. So many firsts. A life time together. A lifetime as a family. The three amigos. And I will cherish every single moment, with her and With us as a family. I have my amazing man. And my amazing girl. Not forgetting the cats too. My life is complete. It’s been a battle to get here and I know there’s people

Above looking over me that have got me this far. We nearly lost Izzy before she was born, but I know my nan was up there looking over us. Life’s been tough but I’d like to think it’s just beginning now and I will do everything in my power to stay well and not fall back into the grips of depression and anorexia. I have so much support. So much love. And I have a reason. I have my Isabelle. My Jamie. My family. And that will keep me going. I’m determined. I will stay strong. I will fight the demons from trying to creep back in. A promise to Izzy and Jamie. A promise to my very own family. ❤️💖


So I haven’t blogged in a while. I feel I’ve neglected you all but here’s an update…

Anorexia wise things are going ok. I still face obstacles and body image is just horrendous these days. I go days without washing as I can’t bear myself naked and can’t remember the last time I looked in mirror. But I can deal with that. Just about. I think I may be getting discharged from my eating disorder care coordinator too.

Depression wise I’m bumbling along. For health reason my meds that I’ve been on for two years have been stopped and I’m now on different medication. So it’s been quite hard. I’ve had really bad days. But I have to say overall I am surprising myself. I’m getting up, getting dressed and going to work or baking cakes. Whatever it is to keep me busy. Yes work. I have a job. It’s part time but I also just got offered a new full time one 🙂

And last but not least. Family wise. Well it’s a bit half and half. Me and parents we are great. We’re talking more. And I’m trying to spend a bit more time with them. But brother wise it’s not so great. We’ve had a tough month or so of arguing and not talking. And I thought we had cleared it all. I thought we were getting back to normal. But we’re not. I’m still being ignored. And I’m still feeling like I don’t exist. I’m making the effort but it’s not made back. It’s so hard. We used to be so close but now there just feels like this gap has come between us that maybe isn’t bridgeable. I hope it is. And I hoped the news we shared last week would help. But it hasn’t. It seems to have driven the wedge in further.

So all in all. I’m ok. I spend most of days with my soulmate planning for the future. Yes we’ve had our moments this past month but we’ve been under a lot of stress and tiredness too. So I don’t hold it against us. We move on. We make sure we spend days together not just an hour. We’re making time for us. Anorexia is slowing becoming less and less and my depression is still there, big time, but I’m managing to stay a float most days.


So today I’ve literally been in bed all day. That’s not an exaggeration that’s the truth. I’ve left bed to go to the toilet and to make a coffee. That’s it. It’s 3:30pm and I’ve only just got out of bed. I’m still in my dressing gown. I’ll be back in bed within the hour. I wanted to pop up the town. It’s a 5 min walk there and a 5 min walk back. Just to grab a Costa coffee. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t get my mind to make my body change and put clothes on. I couldn’t get my mind to get my body out of bed. It was “in half an hour” “another 10 minutes” I know it sounds silly. I know people just hop out of bed and get changed. But I physically couldn’t. No matter how hard i tried I couldn’t get my mind to convince myself to get up. It sounds illogical. It sounds stupid I know. And if you haven’t suffered with it you won’t understanding and you’ll just be screaming “get up!!” But it’s not that simple!! This hasn’t just been today. Yesterday all I wanted to do was sleep but I had my boyfriend over and he got me up and out. Last week I spent all morning and part of the afternoon in bed. It’s getting more common. And I don’t know what to do. I feel I have no purpose to get up. No reason. And then it gets too late and impossible to get out. I have no job. I have no friends. I have no money to go out spending. I have no reason to bake. No reason to get dressed. No reason to get up. And I don’t know what will help me.


Happy new year everyone.

So I don’t know how I’m ok with all that’s been going on but I seem to be managing to plod along and keep my head above water. I think mainly because I was taken away to Rome for the weekend and had an Amazing time and the memories are getting me by.

So there’s been a big family fall out. I’ve lost my job because of my mental health. Again. I’ve had to get rid of half of my wardrobe because it doesn’t fit and I now have a double chin. It’s all been going on! 2019 has only just started and it’s already been eventful!

But back to happy times. Back to Rome. It was amazing. I ate what I wanted when I wanted and didn’t feel guilty. If I was hungry I ate. I chose what I wanted from the menus not what ana wanted. Yes I still had intrusive thoughts and it wasn’t a walk in the park. But I did it. I loved it. I enjoyed myself. I didn’t worry.

New Years

So what a year it’s been. Sometimes I don’t realise just how much I’ve overcome. But it really is quite a lot. So I started the year as an inpatient in hospital. I then moved to a day patient at a day unit. I discharged myself from both. I’m now living. Hospital free. Yes I feel fat. Yes I feel ugly. I feel massive. Like a ballon but I’m living! I still feel fat. I still have struggles. I still feel ugly. I still have moments. But I’m out of hospital. I’m living a life. So much has changed. So much. I’ve done loads in one year. I started 2018 in hospital and I’m ending2018 with the love of my life. What a bloody year.


Sometimes I miss it. I really do. When I was in hospital I was the closest I’ve ever been to my family. Ever. Now I’m out and “better” we’re becoming distant again. It’s like I have to be Ill to have there love. I miss it. I really do. When I was in hospital I had a lot my friends too. More people to talk to. It’s like I’ve got better and lost them too. I miss the closeness. The togetherness. The bonds. I really miss it. Part of me wants it back. To be Ill again. To have it all back

A mess

What a mess. So close to Christmas too. My job hangs in the balance. I’m off sick. Not earning. Just getting fat. 2019 is meant to be “our year” we’re meant to be moving our growing up and living but how can I do that when I have no money. When I’m not earning. When I don’t know where I’ll be in two weeks time. I’m off with stress and sickness and I’m trying my upmost not to stress I’m trying my best not to breakdown and cry. I’m trying with all I have to be “ok” and enjoy this Christmas time. But all I want to do is cry. I don’t know where to turn what to do what to think or what to say. It’s like I’m a zombie. Living in a daze. Things just passing me by. My concentration has completely gone. I can’t even read a book anymore. I just sit and stare. I was meant to be going round the charity shops today but instead I opted to sit down and wait in a blur. I don’t want to ruin Christmas. I don’t want people to worry about me. I Want them to enjoy Christmas and not having the burden of me I want them to be worry free but it’s so hard putting the brave face on and acting ok when deep down I’m not. Deep down I’m a complete mess.

Changing rooms :(

That’s it. The diet starts. I’ve tried on a million dresses today. And yes they all fitted. But. My arms are so fat. So wobbly. So ugly. I remember a time when the doctor had to take my blood pressure with the children’s cuff and still wrap it around. Not now. And Aswell as all dresses showing of my bingo wings they all cling to my stomach and shows of the bulge. I’m massive. I’m ugly. I detest myself. I will diet. I will lose weight. I have to. I need to. No more snacks. No more nibbling. No more unhealthy things. I will get back to a lower weight. I will. I’m considering joining weight watchers or buying diet pills. Something needs to change


This seems to be the one place I can say exactly what’s going on and not get judged or cause an argument or upset anyone. So I thought I get out what’s going on. 

I’ve just spent the last 15 minutes picking out fluff from my jumper that had stuck and dried to the cuts I made on my stomach last night. They all started oozing and stuck to my top. I often think about giving myself liposuction. Just cutting off my whole stomach. I hate how wobbly and big it’s got. It over hangs all my jeans and tights. It’s disgusting. I’ve ordered three W new dresses online and I’m worried that there all going to look awful. There all figure hugging and I don’t have the figure anymore to wear figure hugging clothes. I’m so ashamed of my figure. It’s awful. It’s ugly. It’s hideous. I’ve really let myself go. 

Today I skipped lunch at work but then I got hungry so I ate a slice of cake that couldn’t be sold as it had got squashed. So I ate it. Right fatty. I need to restrict. I need to loose Weight. But I just can’t seem to. I have no self control. 

And on top of all of this I’m signed off work sick but I’m going im. I have family issues too and now someone very close to me is annoyed that I said I  jealous of people still in hospital. 

I can’t seem to do anything right so I may as just well stop and give up. 

The past 

I spend my life looking through old photos. Looking at photos I took of myself when I was my littlest. I miss it. I miss seeing my bones. I miss people staring at me. I miss being in hospital. I see people I know or follow on social media who are still in hospital. And I’m jealous of them. Hospital was safe. So comfortable. Your surrounded by people who completely understand you and who you can talk to. Your form friendships. Your on a set meal plan and you dont waiver from it. So there’s no binging no over eating. Your in a bubble. A safe place. Floating by. I really do miss it. I had more friends when I was in hospital. I was gaining weight but not uncomfortably and if I did have a wobble I had friends and staff to talk and cry to. I miss the stares I get from being so ill. I miss it all. Now I’m just fat. Ugly. And wobble a lot.