Changing rooms :(

That’s it. The diet starts. I’ve tried on a million dresses today. And yes they all fitted. But. My arms are so fat. So wobbly. So ugly. I remember a time when the doctor had to take my blood pressure with the children’s cuff and still wrap it around. Not now. And Aswell as all dresses showing of my bingo wings they all cling to my stomach and shows of the bulge. I’m massive. I’m ugly. I detest myself. I will diet. I will lose weight. I have to. I need to. No more snacks. No more nibbling. No more unhealthy things. I will get back to a lower weight. I will. I’m considering joining weight watchers or buying diet pills. Something needs to change

2 thoughts on “Changing rooms :(

  1. Dressing rooms are the absolute worse. I don’t know if it’s the lighting or the mirrors, but whatever it is, they’re horrid. Sometimes I feel like clothes shopping can either make or break one’s mood/body image/self-esteem for the day/week/month… Wishing you luck on whatever endeavors you decide to embark on- you’ve got this!


  2. Join a gym. Seriously. If you work hard enough, you can eat what you like. Hell – one of my friends trained for a marathon, and found himself struggling to take on enough food.


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