The past 

I spend my life looking through old photos. Looking at photos I took of myself when I was my littlest. I miss it. I miss seeing my bones. I miss people staring at me. I miss being in hospital. I see people I know or follow on social media who are still in hospital. And I’m jealous of them. Hospital was safe. So comfortable. Your surrounded by people who completely understand you and who you can talk to. Your form friendships. Your on a set meal plan and you dont waiver from it. So there’s no binging no over eating. Your in a bubble. A safe place. Floating by. I really do miss it. I had more friends when I was in hospital. I was gaining weight but not uncomfortably and if I did have a wobble I had friends and staff to talk and cry to. I miss the stares I get from being so ill. I miss it all. Now I’m just fat. Ugly. And wobble a lot. 

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