So last night I watched love Island. Well that did great for my anorexia. A villa full of skinny flat stomached girls. Thighs which don’t touch. Hair down to there arses and as shinny as anything. Arms with no scars. And just perfect in every way. This makes me feel shit. There’s. No way I could get on a programme like that. My stomach bulges. My thighs touch. My arms are covered in scars. My hairs spilt and dead. My face isn’t caked in make up. It makes me feel so shit about myself. Worse than I already feel about myself. That’s what reality tv does I guess. I compare myself to everyone one of them as well as comparing myself to every human I ever see. My body image is at an all time low. I’m frantically doing sit ups and every opportunity. I’m starving myself for 8 hours a day. I’m doing all I can do be thin. But it’s not enough. I clearly need to restrict more. I need to do more exercise. I need to cut out bread and sugar. I need to Just never eat again 

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  1. Tell Ana that she needs to f off. You won’t get a flat stomach by starving yourself, and when you dont eat but you’re drinking, it causes a whole other mess of problems. If you’re serious about losing weight, even though you looked very tiny in your photos, then you have to get on a diet of whole foods.

    Easier said then done when you’re dealing with depression, but you can do it

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