So I thought it was time to tell all my followers a little bit about me. Get to know me. Etc. Aside from the anorexia and depression. 

Well I’m 28. And I bake for a living. Well part time. I’m not well enough for a full time job. As well as doing it for a living it is also my hobby. I love to be in the kitchen. I live to bake. 

I’m single. Think I always will be. Who would want to date a depressed suicidal anorexic girl with scars all over her body. I suffer with extreme loneliness too and feel I have no one. 

I’m quite an indepentent person and hate how my illnesses hold me back. I still live at home and have to go on holiday with my parents as I’m not rusted to stay on my own as they think I’ll overdose. I love cats. I have four and I’m an runner. Well used to be before I got Ill. If you google Essex girls I’m nothing like them. Im all about natural looknbot the fake tan they wear. Im a pretty normal person. I like to think I’m nice and genuine. I treat people how I’d like to be treated and I guess to an extent I’m fairly innocent. I’ve had a bad relationship breakup which had effected me a lot. But that’s the last and I’m no longer living in the past. I’m moving on. Moving forwards. Anyway that’s me and here’s a shameless selfie  so you can put a face to the name 

2 thoughts on “Me. 

  1. I bet your follows would live you to share more of yourself. Great suggestion to show off or maybe even talk about your baking? I do enjoy when you talk about your life while still trying to pour out your heart. We get to learn about you rather than just your problems 🙂

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