My thighs and everything else 

My thighs are massive. Every inch of them. They wobble. They bounce. They sag. There horrible. I hate them. There like tree trunks and I’ve no idea how to get them smaller. Other than restrict restrict and restrict some more. 

My stomach is massive too. It bulges out. For everyone to see. I can’t hide it anymore. Dresses showing off. I look pregnant. I have a bump. A mound. It’s ghastly. I hate how I look. Every part of me. I’ve frantically just done some sit ups. Hoping this will help. I do them every day. I’m determined by stomach will cave in rather than pop out. I hate my body. I hate it. In July I’m going away and there’s a pool. I can’t wear a bikini. Because A) my stomach is covered In scars and B) my stomach is massive. So I have to wear a swimsuit but that will still cling to my stomach and show the size of it off. I can’t wear jeans any more I just hide in baggy maxi skirts or dresses. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it . 

7 thoughts on “My thighs and everything else 

  1. I know that no amount of telling you will make you believe, but you have small thighs. Also, bravo to you for posting a picture of one of your insecurities. You are quite brave. 💜

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  2. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14.
    I hope and pray you have this perspective one day… your thighs are meant to look and move like that when not in use. I know you are struggling and this makes it difficult to believe. You are definitely not fat. Perception of ourselves can be so off when we don’t love or even like ourselves. When you are ready, be kind to yourself… the person meant to love you will love you the way you are… You have freedom to eat good things for your well being. When you don’t eat our thoughts turn against ourselves. Thoughts are always negative even turned to hatred of self when starving our bodies of needed nutrients. When you are ready eat healthy meals to build yourself back up…

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  3. I agree with the rest. You are very brave and every post seems to show how much courage you have! I like to do squats or lunges. Build that muscle and then the jiggle goes away and then if they are big its cuz they are strong, not fat 😉

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  4. In that photo it shows a quote. “Be your own kind of beautiful” look at daily and tell yourself that. You are not fat at all. You have posted photos of yourself and you’re an attractive woman. Practice being kind to yourself it will change your life once you can manage it. Take one day at a time you will get there x

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  5. I think you look just great. Definitely not overweight but not too skinny either. One of the guys I work with said I look like a starving Ethiopian, at least you don’t look that bad.


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