Fat fat fat 

Argggggg I’m so fat. I really am. I’m massive. I’m obese. My stomach is massive. I have a belly. Yes I do. It’s ugly. Grotesque. It’s horrible. I’m so fat. So very fat. I just baked fudge and ended up

Binging on it it tasted so good. Then came the frantic spitting it out when I realised what I’d done and then followed 100 sit ups. I will be skinny. I will be thin. I will burn off what I eat. I will. I will. I will. Im determined. As of tomorrow the diet really starts. No more snacking on sweets. No more medium drinks in costa. I can do this. I will be skinny again. I can. I can. I can. 

2 thoughts on “Fat fat fat 

  1. Hey its your favourite moose. Question for you? Do you ever re read any of your old posts? Its a good way to pinpoint triggers and help find solutions, like did something happen on a particular day to cause a reaction? You’re not fat from what little i have seen. You’re also not ugly.


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