The day after and I’m still here. Do I wish I wasn’t. Yes. Do I wish it had worked. Yes. I hate where I am with life. I’m not happy. I don’t have anything. I have family yes but I don’t have friends. I hate the way I look too. I’ve piled the pounds on and I’m determined to lose some of them. Get back to being skinny. I’m skipping meals and surviving on very little. My life is a mess. A complete mess. Death would have been easier. I’m annoyed it didn’t work. I wonder how many more tablets I would have had to take for it too work. I wondered if I actually wanted it or if it was just a cry for help but as I sit here writing this I realise I wanted it. I don’t have any thing to live for. I’m

Just wasting my life. Everything just passing me by. I look awful I look fat I have no job no money and no friends. That’s not a life. I was planning to move out with my ex but now we don’t even speak. We can’t. He’s said some nasty things about me but I believe them. Maybe they are true. Maybe I am what he said. Maybe I am horrible. All I know is o hate myself and my life. Something needs to changeR

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