Reality is I’m struggling. I feel fat all day every day. I sit in a pub and drink two drinks in less than five minutes. I crave food yet feel grotesque. I’m alone. I have no one. Reality is my life isn’t great. It really isn’t. I have no job. No money. No friends. Nothing. Yes I have a boyfriend and it’s great but the moment he’s at work the moment he’s busy I have nothinh. It shouldn’t be like this. I crave the tipsy feeling all day everyday. Most of my weight gain is drink related I just crave it so much. Im not doing well. But because I’m putting weight on everyone thinks I’m fine. Everyone thinks I’m Coping and doing  well. But I’m not I’m depressed.  I’m alone. I want to get drunk. Eat shit and get drunk. I need help. 

3 thoughts on “Reality. 

  1. Hi, im new to following your blog but have read a lot of the posts now. Please try a little kindness to yourself. I can see you’ve struggled with many things but remember you’re still here which makes you stronger than you think. You’re a fighter. From what I can tell a good challenge for you you would be to change your opinion and perception of yourself. Be kinder to you. Easier said than done I know but the results would be worthwhile. Garry aka moose x

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  2. This hits home. I understand exactly how you feel, because I’ve been in that exact same place before. Do you have a plan for getting some help?


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