Fat f****r

Yep that’s me a fat f****r. I’m disgusting. I’m grotesque. I’m fat. I can’t stop eating. I just ate a whole Easter egg in one go. I literally sat there an stuffed my face full of it. I purposely missed breakfast and lunch today to diet and lose some weight I’ve put on. But then I undo it all and stuff my far full of chocolate like I’ve never eaten before. I can’t stop. I shove it down. Quicker than I can chew. Food. Food. Food. It’s all I want. All I think about. I’m one fat f****r. I wish I could make myself sick and bring it all back up. But I’m so stupid I can’t. I’m incapable of that. Instead it all sits inside me making me fatter by the second. I’ll soon be up a Dress size. Spilling out of all my clothes. It’s disgusting. It’s horrible. I’m ugly. I should be ashamed. I am ashamed. I’m awful. I’m fat. It’s disgusting. I need to diet. But I can’t. I need to loose this weight but I can’t I need something to change but I’m stuck. Craving food. All the bad food. Chocolate. Pizza. Chips. Bread. Sweets. You name it I want it. You name it I eat it. I’m no longer anorexic I’m just a fat f****r

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