Im so fat. Im massive. All I do is eat. All I want is food. I’m either constantly craving food or eating it. It’s disgusting how much I eat. It’s disgusting how I look. It’s grotesque. I despise myself. I hate myself. Every inch of me. Every lump of fat. Every stomach roll. The way my thighs wobble and my bingo wings flap. I hate it. Yet all I think about is food. I’m one fat obese disgustingly hideous lump. Tomorrow I start my new job after a year out of work. Tomorrow instead of walking in and them all thinking I’m thin. They’ll take one look at me and think I’m fat. My stomach will bulge out of my dress. My fat will spill over. I bought some new heels today purposely to wear as heels make you look slimmer than flats. I’d rather cut my feet to shreds wearing heels than wear flats and look even fatter. 

3 thoughts on “Fatty 

  1. The best way to find out if you are fat (and i’m sure you are not but anyway) is to walk past a primary school (5 – 10 year olds) at lunch time or sometime when they are playing and they will no doubt comment if you are. Children are honest that way or i could come over to visit (I may not want to leave though). ❤


  2. The way to start loving yourself it’s by changing your perspective and mindset (build your self-esteem) of yourself, knowing that you’re doing everything you can to feel, think, and be better!


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