Who was I kidding 

Who was I kidding. I feel so bloody stupid. I met this guy. Who I really liked and I was honest. I was upfront. I told him my issues. I thought honesty being the best policy. Clearly bloody not. He said it’s too much for him to deal with and then lectured me on how I should be focusing on myself and not dating. What a dick. I felt low before this but now I feel so shit. Who’s ever gonna want to date me. I’m damaged goods. I’m messed up. I’m destined to be alone forever. My best friend has distanced herself from me too. I literally have no one. Talk about knocking you when your down. Fuck life. Fuck it all I hate it every part of it. I hate life. I bloody do!!!!!

7 thoughts on “Who was I kidding 

  1. Hi, you may feel like your lost, I haven’t commented much lately but anyone who truly cares will accept you for you, it may seem like you have nobody, but if you would like to send me an email


    you will always have someone to talk to then, I’m not gonna judge anything you say, but going through my own battles, I know it’s good to have someone to relate to so get in touch, I hope to hear from you 😊

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