Life. Some people live it and love it. Some people don’t. Some people excel at it. Some people don’t. Some just get by, some struggle more than others. Some find life a battle. Some just plod through it some fly. Me. Well I fail. I wasn’t born to live. Life wasn’t meant for me. I’m massively failing. Letting everyone down. Being alone all the time. Having no one to talk to. Feeling like a tag along or a spare part. I can’t even eat. I have to go to hospital for that. I’m just a mess. I really am. Tonight I tried. Tonight I made the effort. I went to a party on my own. But it’s just made me feel worse. Made me feel more alone than ever. More uncomfortable. More awkward. I want the grits to swallow me up. To fall asleep and never wake up. Life sucks. Well mine does anyway. I hate it. I swear I wasn’t meant to live. I’m just a failure. That’s me I’m sitting here writing this alone at a party with scars all up my arm and on show. I’m a catch right. Fuck life. I hate it 

One thought on “Life 

  1. Well I would go out with you if you would have me and keep me. What you are going through doesn’t put me off, i would be there for you no matter what. I really don’t like me life over here. I have lost everything dear to me and would happily go anywhere in the world if i could find somewhere or someone – fat chance i guess. If you ever want to get in touch just email me, i have given up on FB. For what it’s worth just remember that someone over in New Zealand thinks you are lovely.


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