Fat pig 

So today I was fat. I was greedy. I was a fraud. I felt guilty. Today I made a cake and ate some of the left over topping. I over indulged. I pigged out. I’m fat. I’m ugly. I’m a lier. I hate myself. I really do. This is how hard it is to eat. Anything. Anytime I eat these thoughts go through my head. I’m still only able to mange a small dinner. No breakfast or lunch. But today I ate that topping. Yes I may have enjoyed the first mouthful, the second was ok. The third I nearly spat out. Realisation hitting Home that I pigged out. Realisation that in fact I’m a fraud. And I’m fat. 

2 thoughts on “Fat pig 

  1. The fact that you feel such an immediate irrational amount of guilt after eating such a small amount alone shows that your not a fraud. If you weren’t genuinely struggling with anorexic you wouldn’t have felt that. X

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