So today has been good. I had a great positive meeting with my support worker. We agreed I’d become a day patient and we agreed I would reach 50kg then maintain. Considering the rubbish weekend I had and how I was feeling throughout it I was surprised I was in a positive mood today. We’ve come up with an action plan and I’m ready to tackle it. It’s going to be hard. Far from easy but I’m feeling better about it. I’m noticing little things. I’m noticing I’m getting out of breath quicker, being exhausted all the time and going dizzy every time I get up. All these things are bad, my periods still haven’t come back, I’m probably never going to be able to have children. The damage I’ve done on my body is irreversible. But I’ve had enough. It’s time I start living my life that I was meant to. Today I got a new job too. One I really wanted. I’m going to be a carer. I’m Going to give something back and help those that need it. I’m hoping this job will give me the motivation I need to eat. To live. To get up and go. I really am hoping that today is a turning point. That the flick has been switched that each day I’ll make an improvement. Each day I’ll take a step, maybe a small one, but Still a step in the right direction. Goodbye ana hello Aimee. 

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