What a weekend 

It’s been a crazy 72 hours. Friday I got discharged. Saturday was my birthday and today I said goodbye to my brother and sister in law as they move away to start there new life in Ireland. Where do I begin! Discharged. Well, I’m not really sure I’m ready but they’ve admitted there’s nothing else they can do for me. They can’t keep me in indefinitely. It will do me more harm than good. I’ll become too comfortable and too institutionalised. They’ve got to release me. Let me loose and see how I cope. They’ve openly admitted that it will likely take another admission (at least) to get me better and that I’m not suddenly “fixed” now. I don’t want to be in and out of hospital all my life I really don’t. So I need to get on top of this now but just don’t know if I can. 

Second thing. My birthday. I had a great day sightseeing around London. Being tourists and generally just having a really good time. It was lovely to spend some family time together. Especially as my brother. Who I adore. Is moving to Ireland. Which brings me on to the Third and final thing. Saying goodbye. I don’t want to but I have to. My brother. Who’s been there for me throughout all of this is moving away. It breaks my heart. But he needs to start the next chapter of his life. He can’t just hang around here. I love him so much it’s horrible saying good bye but I know I’ll see him soon!!! 
Ps as I wrote this I’m drunk. Yep drinking alone. I skipped lunch so it’s ok. I feel fat. Ugly. Horrible. Now I have to have dinner. 😦 

2 thoughts on “What a weekend 

  1. You know – in the middle of reading your despair, there are chinks of hope from time to time. I’m hanging on to them, and I hope you do too – because I love reading about your journey.

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