New year. New me. Well that’s the plan anyway. Discharge in 4 days, new job in 9 days, new life, now. Why should it matter what size I am? Who cares if my thighs touch? So what if when I sit down my stomach has rolls? What’s it matter. What’s it matter if my arms wobble? Or if my face is rounder? Who cares. That’s the attitude I need to have. It’s going to be hard to keep it up. I’m going to have tough days. Some days will be much harder than others but I need to keep fighting. I can’t let Ana ruin yet another year. I’m determined. I want to move out, I want to study, I want to live and most of all I want to be happy and I can’t do that with anorexia chained to me dragging me back. It’s taken 8 months but I’m finally over my ex, and I see this is a massive turning point and hopefully is a sign of things to come. If I’m strong enough to do that I’m strong enough to try and beat anorexia. This is it. This year is my year. I’m ready to move on. Move forward. Make plans. Live a life. Smile and be happy. 2018 will be great! Or I’ll die trying 

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