My Christmas wish 

Today I wished that where I was wasn’t the end of the line. Today I walked into the town and wished the train station was in the middle of a route. Not the end of the line. I wished this so I could jump. 
Today I walked through the woods and wished I could hang myself. Looking up at the branches and wishing I had the guts and a belt or something. 

Today I had a headache I wanted to hug paracetamol but I stopped myself. As if I did I’d have taken the whole pack. 

Today I wished more than once I was dead and that my life would be over. Today I wished it tomorrow I’ll wish it. I’ll wish it every day until it is over. That’s my Christmas wish. 

3 thoughts on “My Christmas wish 

  1. I feel the same way sometimes. However, I know God has a plan for me and everyone of us. During each trial in my life God gives me the strength and perseverance to overcome it. He will give you the peace that you deserve. I am praying for you. NEVER give up. Keep fighting!!!

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