How I look 

So long story short, I had to go to hospital (a and e) last night as I did something stupid. Whilst I was there 2 people. The nurses. Looked at me and had to ask me what I was in hospital for. They had to ask why I was an impatient in a hospital. It wasn’t obvious to them that I have anorexia. They looked at and asked why I was in the hospital. I replied saying I have anorexia. But the fact they had to ask me shows how I must look normal. How I don’t look skinny any more. How it’s not obvious that I have anorexia. All did this jus made me feel worse. People used to look at me and could easily tell I was underweight and had anorexia. But now people look at me and question what’s wrong with me. Whereas before it was obvious. Yes I want people to still look st me and see my bones and no why I’m there but when people question it, it just makes me feel fat and a fraud. I hate my life. Hence my suicide attempt last night. I hate it. I just want to die 

3 thoughts on “How I look 

  1. This is one of those times where the like button in WordPress isn’t really appropriate. There needs to be a “I’m right over here if you want to empty your head” icon.

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