2nd ect 

So today I’ve kept myself so so so busy so I don’t have time to sit and think and worry about tomorrow. Which is my second ect. 

Earlier I saw someone I recognised but literally couldn’t remember from where. My memeory has totally and utterly gone. I’d forgotten everything. And that’s only after one session. 

I think tomorrow. And tonight. I’ll be more terrified as I know what to expect. I know what will happen. I’ll know how it will feel. I’ll know what it will be like afterwards. And it’s terrifying. 

I have to have at least 4 of these and it’s just going to get harder each time. I don’t know if it’s worrh or or not. Today I’ve just ignored it but it’s really effecting me. I can’t drive. I can’t remember. I’m stressing over tomororows ones. I’m a mess. 

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