Honesty gets you nowhere. 

What’s the point in being honest. It gets you nowhere. It knocks you down when your already down. It bites back and ruins your day. It kicks you where it hurts. 

So I was honest. I sat down Monday with my consultant and told her everything. I told her how my mood is low and I told her how i struggled eating wise and didn’t eat Sunday. I told her how I want to eat my way out of here and restrict. I told her how I needed my target weight lowered as if I reach it I’ll just restrict like mad. I told her all of this and today she punished me. She won’t let me have any home leave (which I’ve been allowed all the time) she won’t lower my target even though she knows my desire to restrict will be bigger. She wouldn’t give me anything. So I told them I wouldn’t speak to them anymore. I wouldn’t be honest. I wouldn’t tell them how I am. It gets me no where. So stuff them. I’ll keep all my feelings to my self and they won’t know anything. They don’t care anyway 

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