So today I met with my consultant and I’m really not doing well. I’m very depressed and struggling with my eating too. I think the eating struggles are made harder by the depression but then the depression makes my eating disorder worse. It’s a vicious cycle. But what my consultant did learn today is I’m not doing as well as she thinks and everyone else thinks I was. 

Today she suggested I go for ect. I’ve never heard of it. But listened to her describe it and googled it following our one to one. Those of you who don’t know  ECT is (Electroconvulsive Therapy) and is a treatment that involves sending an electric current through the brain to trigger an epileptic seizure to relieve the symptoms of some mental health problem. I would be sedated whilst this happens. This all sounds very scary to me so if any of you know anyone or even if you’ve had it yourselves opinions are welcome. 

She says it gets results fast but I’m not sure. At the minute it petrified me but also at the minute my depression is really bad. So I’ve got to weigh up my options. 

One thought on “Ect

  1. I know I’m way, way behind but just had to put a comment here. I have a friend who got it and went over 5 years without needing meds. Actually, I’m not sure she has needed meds since we lost touch. It was temping I have to be honest but I respond to meds, and I don’t have major depression so it’s not an option. Guess I’ll have to keep reading to see what happens, lol.

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