I spend my life comparing. 

I compare myself to others on a daily basis. How there better than me, how there prettier than me, how there thinner than me, how there more successful than me, how they are more popular than me, just overall how there so much better than me. And today as well as comparing myself to others I compared myself to me. I looked through old photos and lined them all.  One of me at my skinniest one of me at my biggest and one of me in the middle. I don’t really know what bought it on and why I did it but I did. And you can imagine the impact it had on me. I realised just how much weight I’ve put on and how much my body has changed. I instantly felt awful about myself and very fat. I know I shouldn’t have done it but I couldn’t help it. So now as well as putting myself down every day comparing myself to others I’m now putting myself down comparing me to me. I’ll never win. 

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