I did it 

I did it. I ate chocolate ice cream. I managed to eat it. Yes the guilt was awful but I did it. I didn’t back out. I could have changed the flavour but I didn’t. I kept it as chocolate and did it! I really challenged myself in menu choice today. I went with what I would have gone for in a restaurant rather than the ‘safe bet’ I also had snack out again today. Today’s been a positive day buf I’m worried this means they’ll be a fall back. My consultant is back tomorrow and I’m going to talk to her about moving to the progression ward. But she’ll probably say no and knock me right back. But I feel I’m ready. I feel I need it. I feel I need to progress and it’s what I need. We shall see 

3 thoughts on “I did it 

  1. Yay Yay Yay!!!! Reading this has made me so happy. I’m sorry I haven’t read a few days so just caught up and really feeling for you. Then to see this is the last post has really made me smile! I hope everything goes ok with the consultant…..but remember if it doesn’t go how you wish it is NOT a fail. It is just a path you have to get to before you can cross it. I know how awful it is, my God I’ve had a lot of set backs……but you will get there. I’m rooting for you and behind you all the way xxx

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