I feel like a robot. I feel my life (well not really a life) is so mundane, repetive and robotic. I’m fed up of it. I feel I’m constantly being fed food and medication and that’s it. I don’t feel there’s much help at all for my mental state. I’m not coping well with the weight gain at all. I’m so fat. I’ve grown so much. Too much. It’s horrendous. 

I feel like I’m just eating, sleeping, in supervison or eating again. I’m sick of it. It’s meals supervision. Meals. Supervison. Meals supervison. It’s the same every day. It’s not a life at all. I’m sick to death of it. I’m so fed up. I’ve been thinking about discharging myself but for what. I don’t have a life waiting for me. I have to create one and I don’t know how to. And that’s scary as fuck. So meanwhile I’ll be stuck in here. Stuck being a robot and treated like a kid. Stuck feeling guilty and fat. Just stuck. 

I hate it. 

5 thoughts on “Robotic 

  1. Use this period of life as an opportunity. Write everything down. One day your story will inspire many others. You’re talented but in a hole. Dig your way out with your talent – writing. Imagine your pen is a spade. Start digging your way out with it. Towards the light. 😊❤️

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  2. I suspect I’ll be able to copy and paste your post to my blog rather soon. I’m still in the “utter shock of it all” phase. I’m always surprised when it’s another meal time because I’m still so full from the previous one!


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