My belly 

So today I caught it in the mirror. Today I saw my belly. Today I saw the bulge. Today I saw it. 

I feel ugly. Hideous. Grotesque. Ashamed. Guilty. It’s horrible. I feel disgusting. If i was a celebrity and the paps caught me in my bikini they’d be rumours I was pregnant. That’s how much it pertudes. 

It’s taken me forever to put my outfit on today. Every thing I wear makes me look big. Weather it’s my thighs or stomach. I have to wear baggy clothes I can’t wear anything clingy. I find a shirt tucked in and pulled loosely out works best at hiding my stomach. 

So here’s today’s outfit. A million outfits and so much time wasted. And I still think it makes me look big

One thought on “My belly 

  1. Body dysmorphia is so hard to live with. I wish you could see yourself through my eyes. But then it’s tough. The pictures I post of myself prove, to me, I’m not legitimate for my diagnosis. I tell myself it’s because I was already weight restored but still… I will probably never see myself as others do, just as you may never see yourself as others do. Hang in there. This is the one thing that scares me to death about going into a program.

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