Body image. 

I am still massively struggling with my body image. I can not look look in mirrors, to the lint I can’t remember the last time I did. When I went shopping and tried some clothes on I had to face the wall avoid the Mirrors close my eyes and suck my stomach in until it was covered again. 

When I get changes every morning and night I close my eyes or look upwards. Avoiding looking downat  my stomach. When I sit down all I see is my thighs and how big they are. I feel massive. Like an elephant. I feel like my bmi is through the roof and my weight is gaining stone by stine each day. I feel so horrendous. 

The other day I decided I would shower. So I turned it on let it warm up, was about to get undressed and in it but couldn’t. I physically couldn’t bring myself to stand in it. So I turned it off. 

I’m now struggling with oedema too and water retention so that sucks. But in my eyes it’s not water it’s fat. My poor brain!!!!

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