Song lyrics. 

Some song lyrics are so relatable to, most peopl don’t listen to the words but ‘pretty girls’ was on the radio earlier and it felt to relatable some of the words in it. We’ve all got to remember that’s there’s more to us than this eating disorder or whatever we’re going through. Tjet s more to us than out battles. We’re not just anything. We’re us. And we make us. We have to change us to make us who we want to be and say F off to all the people who don’t think we can who are disappointed in us who don’t believe who bring us down. Yes each day is a battle and as the song says some days we fight some days we quit. Some days were stronger. I know for me. And for many of you. Every day is a battl to simply get up and out of bed and continue the hell your going through right now. But we’re doing it! And we’re doing it together. 

In the words of cheat codes pretty girls song:

I’m a daughter and a sister
Sometimes it’s hard for me to show
 That I’m more than just a rumor
 Or a song on your computer
 There’s more to me than people know

Some days I’m broke, some days I’m rich
Some days I’m nice, some days I can be a bitch
Some days I’m strong, some days I quit
 Idon’t let it show, but I’ve been through some shit

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