To the bone 

So there’s been a lot of bad press about the Netflix movie ‘to the bone’ and I can’t blame it!

I don’t see how this will help. If anything I think it will make the situation worse. I think people will think it’s ‘cool’ and try to catch on to it. Or those who are suffering from this terrible illness will judged more and looked at more by people in school or people in the streets. They’ll be whispers of ‘she’s like that girl in television’ we don’t need that! This film isn’t raising awareness. It’s glorifying it. And the danger lily Colin’s was in to film that and that be that underweight. Was it really worth it!

If they want to raise awareness do a documentary a factual programme with people who have recovered and people who are suffering. With real doctors and professional people. Not make some American drama on it. 

2 thoughts on “To the bone 

  1. Thanks for the one up on that. It’s not available here but said it would be added to my list when it does. I am always afraid of movies (and books) glamorizing it or making it seem like we do this for petty reasons. Grrr


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