Admission take 2 

So today I was admitted as an inpatient. For the second time. 

I don’t know how I feel. I can’t really process it. I just thought I’d update you guys. I’m here and in a state of unpacked. 

All my dresses with Belts have gone, phone chargers, straighteners, tights. All taken away. I got ushered into snack right away. I haven’t even been shown around the building and I’ve never even seen it before so it’s beyond new!

I’m scared lost and nervous. 

5 thoughts on “Admission take 2 

  1. They took away your tights? Really? You know, autocorrect change the tights to rights… how apropos. Hang tough. I’m proud of you for going. I hope this place is better then the first. It’ll be hard but I hope is that by the end you can look back and see the worth of it. It took me a couple months to see it but I finally did. I keep forgetting to write that post but will. Maybe it’ll help. Maybe not. Thank you though for bring us on your journey with you. 🙂❤️


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