I’m so confused. I seem to be getting worse in here. Everyday taking a step backwards. Not forwards. Tomorrow my consultant comes in. I’ve asked for a bed somewhere else but haven’t heard back yet so I’m Gonna ask to go home until a bed comes up somewhere else. As I swear I was doing better at home before I came in here. How can I have got worse. Who’s health gets worse when they get admitted to hospital. It should be the other way round 

I don’t know what’s happened this week but each day just gets worse. A step back each day. And the further I step back the harder it is to step forward. 

I got sent a picture earlier. It’s not a bad thing. I asked for one. Something to aim for. Something to get me back on track. But I just can’t believe the difference 9 months has made. I’m shocked. But it still hasn’t really made me feel ill still hasn’t hit it home yet 

18 thoughts on “Confused 

    1. Worrying isn’t it. I thought it would be the other way round. People say it has to get worse to get better but I just keep getting worse. I can understand maybe the first two weeks or something slipping but this is just ongoing. I’m
      Sorry to hear your struggling so much and the situation your in. Here if you need to rant or vent or just to someone to listen to you. Wishing you well xxx

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      1. I agree. Years ago I was admitted to John Hopkins hospital and it wasn’t the place for me. I’m glad I found the place I went to this Spring. It was far better suited to me. Maybe do a little research and call around. Also, meds make a huge, huge difference. Restricting causes depression, plain and simple. Taking something to help doesn’t mean taking something forever. It means lifting you up just enough so you can think clearly bough to make better decisions. I hope you can find a place that has a complete team: doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, nutritionist, and so on. I know things are different on your side of the pond and it saddens and angers me. I want to send tickets to everyone to come here for treatment! Grrrrr.


      1. Do you feel better for it ? I am not too sure what to say, just wishing you all the best, typical isn’t it at key moments we all never have the words x


      2. Just try and focus on your breathing, when my heads going like the clappers I do that. Also as odd as it sounds if you struggle getting sleep listen to rain videos on YouTube, I swear by them, very relaxing x


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