One week 

So I have a week. One week. One week to turn this around. 1 week to eat. One week to gain weight. One week to show I can do this. One to show I’m improving. One week. 
They have a bed for me in a weeks time. In Glasgow. I’m on 5 different waiting lists. But I’ve been told if nothing comes up sooner Glasgow will have one in a week. And it’s mine. So that’s it. The challenge is on. The challenge to stay out of hospital. I have to. I’m not going. I won’t fail any more than I have failed.
Day hospital didn’t work as my support worker said “your too ill” for it to work. I have to be better for that to help. So it’s help myself or hospital. I’ve been prescribed drinks, vitamins and anxiety tablets. It’s all or nothing. Literally. I’ve got to throw everything at it. Everything ounce of strength I have. I need to. I’ve been put on bed rest told I can’t leave the house. I’m adamant I’m fine. I am easily manage 10000 steps a day. I’m fine. I really am. 
So here goes. Wish me luck goes. One week. 7 days. Praying the phone doesn’t ring beforehand. Here goes. 

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