What a day 

Well today was a day and a half. Every time I think it can’t get worse it does. Every time I let myself think I’m making progress I realise I’m not. 

Today was my first day as a day patient and it was a disaster. I turned up at 9 after a nerve racking taxi drive for my one to one worker not to even had time to Have familiarised herself with my case. She proceeded to get me breakfast. Which was porridge with 200mls of whole milks. We sat there. Me and here In a little room as I burst into tears over this bowl of porridge. She told me I had 30 mins to finish that and my drink. Bear in mind I haven’t eaten for 48 hours!! I couldn’t do it. I just sat and cried. She then warmed it up again after half an hour and put it back in front of me and said I had 15 mins before our meeting with the nurse specialist. I proceeded to cry and not eat any of it. She then took it away bought in the manager and told me it wasn’t going to work and to go home. After one meal. After one failed attempt at eating. They gAve up on me. I haven’t eaten for 48 hours and because I couldn’t eat my first meal they gave up on me. Sent me home (well made me make my own way home) and left me. 

This makes me feel worse. They can’t even support me not even willing to try. They just gave up. After an hour. One hour. That’s not trying. If your a footballer and break your leg you don’t go straight back into a 90 minute game. You build up to it. I was told I’d be on little portions and gradually build up. I was told it would help. No. No it just made it worse. What now? What next? 

7 thoughts on “What a day 

  1. What, really? Omg, that’s awful, what kind of program would do that??!!! My first meal was just a little snack bowl of peanuts. The second meal was a ½ a plain potato and some kind of protein. I remember staring at it horrified but I did end up eating. All the other girls were bantering about nothing in particular and they didn’t give me a time limit which, I think, made it easier. If everyone was finished they were allowed to go and the nutritionist would sit with me. They increased slowly till I officially got my meal plan. Looking back it was very light. Each week I was challenged but it was a collaborative decision. That is the way it ought to be. By the end I was challenging myself.

    Will you be able to go back and try again?

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    1. See that’s what I was told. I was told it would be gradual and we would build up to it. And at no point was I told if I failed to eat my first meal I’d be kicked off! I’m now in limbo there not interested my support worker isn’t free till Friday. I don’t know what to do. I really don’t!!!


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