My lowest day so far…….

So today I ended up in A&E. Completely Self inflicted. I don’t need to go in to what I did. But I tried. I failed. I think I just wanted to scare myself. But that didn’t even work. I didn’t scare myself and I’m not bothered by what I did. It’s doesn’t phase me. To me it no biggie. Don’t think it’s fully sunk in yet. 

Anyway just checking in. I’m ok. I’m still here 

5 thoughts on “My lowest day so far…….

  1. Reading through ur blog I’ve actually teared up. I’m so pleased u have this as an outlet. And I’m so sorry to hear what ur going through. Bringing back memories of myself, I promise there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Your going to be your own hero in this story xxx

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