Dinner out 

So tonight I’ve been dreading. I was meeting up with friends for dinner. I didn’t want to do dinner but when your out numbered you have no choice. I already said no to one restaurant as there was no salad on the menu! 

So I get there, haven’t spent all day thinking about it. Thinking about what I can and won’t it. And what I will have. Studying the menu with a fine tooth comb. I opt for chicken and chorizo salad and ask for no dressing. So what I actually eat is just the leaves. I play with the chicken prodding and poking it, the same with the chorizo and just eat the salad. I effectively have just paid £13.95 for a £1 salad bag from a supermarket. And leave the restaurant hungry. But can’t help thinking I over indulged in a salad. A salad. A salad with zero dressing. 

I then spend the entire evening listening to the girls talk about there weight loss and there happy happy lives. Yeah I’ve lost so much weight I’m close to being admitted to hospital, isn’t really a conversation I want to have. So I just sit there nodding and smiling at the right times. Congratulating the pregnancy and the new job, sitting uncomfortably while they eat staters and proper food just waiting to leave. 

That was my evening. An evening which should have been enjoyable turned into that. Fuck you life. Fuck You. 

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