Can’t even title this 

Ok so I’m really not sure what I’ve just done but I’m not even shocked I didn’t stop half way through or think what the hell am I doing. I did it until all 56 capsules were open and the powder was all in a glass. They’re all now dissolving in a glass of Pepsi max with some alcohol added. I’m not shocked I’ve done this. It hasnt really bothered me. 

I’m not gonna take it. That would be stupid. But why have I done it. And more so why has it not bothered me. Why could I easily sit there and pop open 56 caplsues into a glass so easily. Why?! 

Please don’t worry anyone I’m not gonna drink it. I promise. I think I did it to shock me. But it didn’t. I’m fine. I promise. I will be. 

One thought on “Can’t even title this 

  1. I can’t like this aimee. Hate in fact. Life is a hugh struggle at times you know I struggle. But we have to keep going it’s what we do, we just decide on how we do it and how we feel. Your not alone I may not be your favourite person all the time, but I adore you I am always here for you always. Never let your brain tell you , you should end your life your a beautiful amazing young lady and this little planet wants you to stay and be apart of it and our life. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Be strong x


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