Lonely as hell

I’m so lonely it’s ridiculous, so bored, so fed up, so hungry but most of lonely. If I wasn’t lonely I wouldn’t feel some of the things I feel. 

I have no one. Well next to no one. I have my one best friend who I adore but I can’t always bug her. She has life to live not just me. 

I’m so fed up so bored I come home from work get into bed. Have the daily debate of weather to ea dinner or not. Check the Same social media sites 100 times and have an agh and sleep. Or try to sleep. What life is that!!! 

I have a long weekend booked off, what’s the point. It will be crap. I’ll be alone. I’ll do nothing. Who lives like this. 

And food. All I think of is food. I’m. Hungry but trying not to eat. If I can’t have company I don’t want food as Company. But cooking my soup and eating it will take up 15 mins. That’s 15 mins doing something not being bored. 

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