My battle…..

I took this picture today. It near enough 6 months ago. Just shy of. I took it for myself. To see. To make a direct comparison but also I took it as I thought maybe it would help. 

I’m quite proud though I can see a difference in the two pictures. But shocked too. I don’t know really know how I feel. I’m proud I can see a difference. I’m proud I’ve lost weight. But then I look at the pic I took today and I look awful!!! Disgusting. Horrible. So how can I be proud. I’m so confused. 

But if I took today’s picture and couldn’t see the difference I’d hate it. I’d be annoyed. So I wanted to see a difference I wanted to look at it and see I’ve lost weight. But I hate how I look. I look ill. Hidioeus. Horrible. 

3 thoughts on “My battle…..

  1. Your doing a brilliant job, sometimes we’re to hard on ourselfs. You try and you will succeed and that’s because your aware. Your not alone and you know this. You should be proud, it’s a start x


  2. I’ve been there. I’ve almost died/was almost put in hospice twice for my ED and I was put in the mental hospital three times for my ED and I’m so much worse now because of it. The only thing I learned from that is that the only person who can recover for you is yourself. You’re doing a fantastic job. Hang in there xx

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