Food bloody food. 

So it took me nearly an hour to get dinner earlier and what did I get nothing!!! 
Nothing I fancied nothing I felt I could eat. I’m just not hungry. I walked down the freezer isle and saw a new ice cream that I really fancied. So I bought it. I knew I wouldn’t eat it. But I bought it as I fancied it. I just opened it now. Had one teaspoon. Tried another and spat it out! I can’t even eat ice cream!!!! I had some crisps but chucked the rest in the bin packet two handfuls so I wouldn’t eat anymore. I haven’t had dinner all week. I’m just nit hungry but I’m staving if that makes sense. There’s so much I fancy but I just can’t. I’m not hungry. I’ve trained my body not be hungry. Today I’ve had nothing. Just a skinny hot chicolate a teaspoon of ivecream and two handfuls of crisps. That’s it. 
Pathetic. Can’t even eat. That’s how messed up I am. 

3 thoughts on “Food bloody food. 

  1. I had a very similar day! There is so much I fancy eating, and I went to the supermarket and looked at it all for ages, couldn’t make a decision and left with nothing 😦 It’s frustrating, but we can get through this!!! xx


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