So, not sure how I feel about it, but today I received an appointment through and I’ve been referred to an Adult eating dissorder clinic. 

To be honest I’ve been before so I’m already very sceptical. They’ll just tell me to eat, make a food diary for me then jog me on. If it was that simple I’d be doing it already. But I’m gonna give this clinic a go. And turn up and see what they say.

Just had to fill out questions after questions so they can see how I’m doing before I turn up. To be honest this made me realise I do really need to try this. But I don’t know. At the minute my mind says it won’t help. But I’ll go, as deep down I know I need to. 

I’m not feeling great about it getting this far, like fully admiting up to it, being labelled, and chatting and having a “specialist” judge me and tell me how to get better. What makes them a specialist, have they had it before, can they read my mind. No. They can’t. But for one hour I’ll try and remain open minded and walk on there, head bowed and no everyone is whispering at me behind my back, judging me, probably calling me fat and thinking I shouldn’t be there. 

6 thoughts on “Referral 

  1. It is definitely scary, I find the closer I get to things like assessments and new therapists etc I am very anxious. But as you said you’ve been there before. The worst that can happen is you end up in the same spot you are now. Thats like the best gamble, nothing to lose. Hope it goes well.

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  2. It can be SO HARD to start with a new therapist or treatment, but you can do it! Keep fighting, and know that there are people rooting for you.


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