Am I even here 

I haven’t blogged for a little while, been in a bit of a dip and haven’t known what to think let alone say. But yesterday I was feeling positive and was smiling. I knew it wouldn’t last. And some selfish person has taken they away from me. 

My best friend. Well I say my best friend. We were best friends. We would tell each other everything! See each other all the time. Help each other. I was there when she wasn’t doing well and she was there for me. I was the one who bailed her out and lent her money, did her food shop, popped up to see her when we were looosing contact. And now I find out she’s moving. And hasn’t even told me! Was she even going to tell me. If it was for her partner putting it on Facebook I wouldn’t have known. Imagine if I turned up at her house and someone else answered the door. I’m so fucked off it’s ridiculous. It’s totally taken my mood and now I feel like shit.

I’m just used, the doormat everyone steps over and forget. The piece of rubbish in the bottom of the bin that is stuck there and forgotten about. Covered over by A bin bag and will forever remain that way. 
What is so wrong with me. I have barely any friends. I’m so alone. What’s so wrong that no one wants to be my friend. Be there for me. Text me for once and ask how I am. Not the other way round. 

I’ll always be the one people forget. Aimee who?????? Well screw them all, life’s a bitch and I’ve had enough 

4 thoughts on “Am I even here 

  1. It happens to a lot of people, I’d suggest you work on yourself for now, focus on doing the things you enjoy, talk to people, also take time out for yourself, don’t ruin your life just because of one individual. Stay strong!

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  2. Maybe it’s not about who can’t be bothered as so much about who can. Sometimes people look so hard at others that forget what they truly have and nobody wants to lose what they have. You need to concentrate on no1 and enjoy who and what you currently have.

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