It’s me 

Today it hit me. It must be me. All of this is me. 

My friend cancelled today (I can count my friends on one hand) and I spiralled downwards. I’m so alone. But that must be because of me. She cancelled, it must be me, every other girl is skinner or prettier , I’m a mug, that’s clearly me , I have depression, must be my fault too!

I felt so faint today shopping but I won’t eat. Incant control my feelings but I can control my food. It’s like a little win if I manage to miss a meal and I need little wins to get me through the day. 

No one notice if I went. A few people would. But they would get over it. There would be no Aimee shaped whole. It would be Aimee who??? 

Sorry for the no sense post, it’s just my feelings and I had to get them out. 
Happy weekend everyone. 

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